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Part 5

The huge breakfast was followed up by another round of monitor duty, which had all the excitement of the first- namely none.  The city remained quiet, and so the Titans simply sat around, munching here and there until dinner came, and then they dove into the heavy pastas from the Olive Garden.  The fact they’d been eating all day and were still hungry didn’t register on the group (save Starfire, who noticed but found herself unable to act upon it).  Not to mention that night, when the group found themselves under the spell of the chocolate.  And this wasn’t the last of it.  No, this pattern was repeated the next day and the day after.  And by then, well…

“Uhh… please belt… please fit on…ohh!” Star said, as her belt, pressed to it’s final hole, finally snapped off her and fell to the ground.  The alien Titan watched it fall, her eyes almost glistening in despair, and then she turned to her mirror.  Starfire ran her hands over her expanded body and sighed.  Her lithe, agile form had vanished, sheathed under layers of fat.  Her legs were at least twice as thick, threatening to tear her boots apart.  Her arms were no better- her armbands were tight and uncomfortable against her flesh.  Star’s stomach had continued to expand and now hung over her waist; the only good thing about was that it gave her expanded boobs something to rest on.  And worst of all, her rear had expanded enough that Star had to work to keep it under her skirt.

“Oh this is most terrible!  How could I have let myself lose so much of my shape?” Star moaned, as she looked over her expanded body.  “I am a..a.. glutterberg lerindo!  I must find a way to stop this, before Robin… I must not let him see me like this!”

And with that, Starfire hovered out of her room and down the hall (Star was reluctant to walk due to her skirt/backside issue).  She past the guest room, where the sounds of chewing and smacking could be heard (Jinx and Bumblebee had gone out for chicken before) and past Beast Boy’s room, where Starfire paused a moment to check on the Titan’s current leader.  Peeking through the open door, she saw Beast Boy sitting on his bed, playing his game as always.  It would’ve looked normal, if it hadn’t been for the belly that pressed out of his clothes, or the fact that his face seemed to poking it’s way out of the fat surrounding it.  Star shook her head and continued on, until she finally reached her destination.  Coming back down, she gently knocked on the door and called out.

“Raven?  I am sorry for the interruption but…”

“I haven’t heard anything about Robin, Starfire.”

“No, it is not that.  I…I am afraid I have a problem and I need to speak with you.”

“……Is it important?”

“Yes.  I believe it may affect us all.”

“….All right.  Gimme a second.”

Star waited patiently as she heard the sounds of objects being moved around, and then the door swung open.  Starfire stepped inside the dark room and saw Raven on her bed, her legs crossed in her meditation position.  How she had been able to do that was amazing, considering that the young girl was just as big as Starfire.  Raven’s costume had been stretched to its limit by the expansion of her belly, which was draped over her crossed (and expanded) legs, her belt pulled tight against the fat.  Raven’s face had grown much softer, with nearly all of the sharp angles gone.  Her breasts had doubled in size, and Star could tell just by how she sat that Raven’s rear was bigger as well.  Still, being the good person she was, Starfire mentioned none of this as she sat on the floor by the bed.

“I..I am sorry if I interrupted your meditation.” The alien began.

“Don’t’ worry.  It wasn’t anything serious.” Raven replied.  “Truthfully, I haven’t been meditating as much the last couple days.  I’ve been feeling a lot calmer lately.  Don’t know why though”

“Oh that is good.” Star replied, even as she noticed the candy wrappers lining the foot of Raven’s bed.  “I am glad to hear things are improving for you.”

“We’ll see.  It isn’t like there’s been a lot of stress lately anyway.” Raven replied.  “Now, what’s the problem?”

“Well,” Star began.  “I’m…well, I do not want to imply…it is just that… well…”

“Star.  You can say it.  It’s just a few words.”

“All right.  I am worried… that we…and I…. Are experiencing…. The weight gain.”

“OK… think you’re getting fat?”

“Oh, I do not think, I know!” Star moaned sadly, as she grabbed her belly and shook the fat.  “I have gotten so much of the body mass lately!  And I do not understand why!  Never have I gained in such a way.”

“Star, it’s really not that bad….”

“Raven, you must not say such things!  I have gotten fat!  But as much as I do not want to say it, I am not the only one.”

“Yeah, BB has been looking kinda chubby lately..”

“Raven…” Star began, then sighed and poked Raven’s expanded gut.  “Do you not see what I mean?”

Raven raised an eyebrow, then gently pushed Star’s hand out of the way and moved off the bed.  Star stood there, waiting for an explosion of anger from her friend.  But instead,, Raven said, “It’s not that bad.”


“Look Star, I’ll admit I’ve gotten a little heavy too.” Raven began.  “But think about it.  There’s nothing going on in the city right now, so we haven’t been out fighting crime.  And who sets up all the training exercises for us?”


“See?  So it’s obvious we’re going to put on a little weight sitting around doing nothing.  And besides, how many chances do we get to relax and enjoy ourselves?”

“Well… none really.”

“Exactly.   Look, if you’re really worried about it, I have some spells that can help us.  But for now, I’d say enjoy it.  You really aren’t that bad anyway.”

“Perhaps you are right.” Star said thoughtfully.  “Perhaps I am worrying for nothing.  I have enjoyed being able to partake of so many sweets and innutritious things.  And if you believe your magic can help….”

“Without question.”

“Then…then I believe I shall see if there is anything to eat in the kitchen.”

With that, Starfire flew out of the room, the door shutting behind her.  Raven stood there a moment, then shook her head and sat back down on her bed.  Reaching under the covers, Raven pulled out a jumbo size candy bar.  Licking her lips, the empath bit into it, closing her eyes in joy at the rich taste.  But when she opened her eyes again, they had the sinister glow in them once again….
PArt 5. Where the good stuff begins.
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